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About the Session

For most consumers, the pleasure of eating real meat is currently simply too much to give up. Lacking compelling taste, texture and look, existing plant-based options haven’t solved that either. Hybrid alternatives combining plant-based and cultivated meats could be a step in the right direction, while cultivated fats will play a role. However, the Holy Grail is full-tissue alternative protein products to create high-quality, structured meat.

Join us for an engaging panel discussion that explores the exciting journey of transitioning from hybrid to full-tissue alternative protein products by 2030. This session brings together an expert panel who will share their insights, experiences, and strategies to drive the advancement and adoption of fully tissue-based alternative protein products.

During the discussion, our expert panelists will delve into the challenges and opportunities involved in the transition towards full-tissue alternative proteins. They will explore topics such as cellular agriculture, bioprocessing techniques, market dynamics, regulatory considerations, and consumer acceptance. In this panel, you will hear from a cell-based meat player famously known for creating Dolly the Sheep (Sheena Fraser from Roslin Technologies), a CDMO development and scale-up partner that can help cultivated meat and seafood companies accelerate their journeys to market (Will Milligan from Extracellular), an Israeli company cultivated the fish of the future (Daphna Heffetz from Wanda Fish), and a Dutch innovator that recently announced it can create high-quality, fully differentiated cultivated meat with the right level of fiber formation, protein, fat accumulation, and key meat flavors in only eight days (Daan Luining from Meatable).

Moderated by Isha Datar from New Harvest, this panel discussion will offer a dynamic exchange of ideas, foster collaboration, and inspire new approaches to expedite the transition towards full-tissue alternative protein products. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the strategies, partnerships, and technological advancements needed to achieve the ambitious goal of fully tissue-based alternatives by 2030.

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