2023 Conference Session

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About the Session

Ahmed Khan from CellAgri will moderate this panel as we explore the intricacies of achieving sustainability and commercial viability in the alternative protein industry in 2023. This session brings together a distinguished panel of industry experts, including Bosco Emparanza García from MOA Foods, Christophe Schmitt from Nestlé Research, Eugene Wang from Sophie's BioNutrients, and Kianti Figler from Upstream Foods.

Our holistic panel of experts comprising entrepreneurs in the upcycling of by-products to create next-gen proteins using AI, a founder who believes in the potential of algae, a cultivated meat specialist looking to be in restaurants by 2025, and the head of R&D at one of the biggest food companies in the world will debate how alternative protein companies can satisfy both commercial and sustainability goals.

During the panel discussion, these experts will offer their insights and experiences on striking the delicate balance between sustainability and commercial success in the alternative protein sector. They will share innovative strategies, technological advancements, and market perspectives that can enable the industry to thrive while minimizing environmental impact. How should companies in the alt proteins space best converge the world of profitability with the world of sustainability? Can these two aspects of sustainability and profitability work in a symbiotic way? How can you capture value from sustainability? How can redesigning products and services around sustainability drastically increase profits or reduce costs? By focusing on sustainability, what opportunities for process innovations will be revealed?

The panelists will discuss topics such as sustainable sourcing of ingredients, optimizing production processes, developing eco-friendly packaging solutions, implementing efficient distribution channels, and strategies to enhance consumer acceptance. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the diverse approaches and considerations required to achieve sustainability and commercial viability simultaneously.

This panel discussion will offer a dynamic exchange of ideas, addressing challenges, exploring opportunities, and sharing best practices. Attendees will gain actionable knowledge and inspiration to navigate the evolving landscape of alternative proteins in a way that balances sustainability and profitability.

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